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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Voting Exercise Results

We asked attendees to vote on the level of density they would like to see in new developments along the commercial corridors of W Broad and Sullivant. They were shown photos of low, medium, and high density developments as examples, ranging from 6 dwelling units per acre all the way to 88.

The results below show yes in green, maybe in yellow, and nope in red. The results from both corridors are shown next to in each other to allow for a comparison.


We also conducted a ranked analysis of the results in order to determine which density category was the most popular for both W. Broad and Sullivant. We multiplied the number of yes votes by three, maybe votes by two, and no votes by one--categories with the highest number of yes votes will have the highest score. The results are shown below:

Building density activity ranked results

Medium density had the highest score for both corridors, although low density came in a close second on Sullivant. Overall, the results show that residents are generally supportive of low and medium density developments along W. Broad and Sullivant, while high density is not favored.

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