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The Hilltop Community Plan focus area has a lower median household income than the city and county, at $30,000 compared to $56,000 for Franklin County. Surrounding areas such as Westgate and Georgian Heights show a higher median household income, except for the South Franklinton area. Unemployment rates from the U.S. Census Bureau show a relatively wide range throughout the focus area. Some block groups show a healthy unemployment rate of less than 2%, while others exceed 10%. On average, the area shows a 6.6% unemployment rate—higher than the city and county averages, although not significantly. 


The Hilltop has historically been a working-class neighborhood, and that is still holds true today. Light industry and logistics are still present along Fisher Road to the northwest of the Hilltop focus area, which is a large employment base for residents. Very few Hilltop residents work in their immediate neighborhood, since job opportunities are quite limited or the types of jobs in the focus area are mismatched for most residents. The Ohio Department of Transportation on the eastern edge of the neighborhood, for example, mostly employs residents from other areas of the region.