Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019
Hilltop Library

Youth Engagement

Word association

We engaged with youth between the ages of eight and sixteen to gain their insights into the neighborhood. Their first task was to write down the first thing that came to mind when the following words were listed. Bolded words were listed more than once. 


  • Home 

  • Bad People 

  • Stealing

  • Kidnapping 

  • Cute Girls

  • Crack Heads

  • Food Stamps Store

  • Hoe's 

  • Lot of Cars


  • Alone 

  • Burned Down

  • Torn Down 

  • Someone Moved Out 

  • Can't Shut their Door 

  • Moved because Windows were Broken 

  • Nothing

  • Houses need Stuff

  • Not Many 

  • Houses

  • Need new Homes 


  • Bad People

  • Home

  • Drugs

  • Dead

  • Fights

  • School Shootings

  • Baby sister

  • Doing my best 

  • Bad 

  • Meeting new People 



  • Fun

  • Great Houses

  • Trick or Treat 


  • Bad 


  • The Center

  • Fun

  • Drugs 


  • Fun 

  • Tire Swing

  • Creek 

  • Parties in the Shelter House


We also asked the kids to fill out the statements below regarding what they love about the Hilltop, what would make it better, what a little bit of would go a long way in the Hilltop, and how they can help it improve. Here are their responses!

overarching questions

We wanted to ask the kids some fundamental questions in order to asses their general opinion of their neighborhood. Highlighted words mean they were listed more than once. Check out the results below!

Why do you like living in the hilltop? 


  • Nice people 

  • The People 

  • The Hilltop needs me 

  • Living near friends

  • Being with friends at school and the library 

  • Being around my friends and school 

  • The library

What do you want MORE of in the Hilltop? 


  • Malls

  • Schools

  • Streetlights

  • Cops

  • Stop signs 

  • Speed bumps

  • Helmets

  • Traffic lights

  • Praying 

  • Churches

  • Home security 

  • Fields

  • Flowers

  • Sledding

  • Snow

  • Books

  • Presents

  • Food

  • Wendy's 

What don't you like about living in the Hilltop? 

  • Hate the shooting 

  • Too many guns

  • Drugs

  • Fighting 

  • Opposition 

  • People stealing things

  • Boy in my class stole my watch 

  • Bad people live here

  • Accidents and things happen where I live 


What do you want LESS of in the Hilltop? 


  • Bad people

  • Bullying

  • Stealing 

  • Kidnapping

  • Imprisonment

  • Violence

  • Illegal Activity

  • Expensive funerals 

  • Death 

What change or improvement would you make if you could? 

  • I would take away the gangs, shooting, and killing on the Hilltop

  • People doing drugs

  • Prevent violence

  • Bigger houses

  • Everything my way 

  • Want people to be good 

  • I'd want everything to be free

Questions? Contact:

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